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BA Black Bathroom Accessories
Black natural stone bathroom amenities and accessories. Lotion dispenser, bath salt container, co..
BA Cream Bathroom Accessories
Natural cream white stone bathroom amenities. #Lotion dispenser, soap dish, bath salt container&n..
BA Light Grey Bathroom Accessories
Natural light grey color stone bathroom amenities and accessories. #Lotion dispenser#Soap holder#..
BA-Round Lotion Dispenser.
Lotion dispenser unit from natural stone. Cream, black or grey natural stone.   ..
BE-40-K Salawin Teak Four Poster Bed
Kiln dry teak with brass hardware. Four poster bed available in king, queen or single size. Fu..
BE-47-K Salawin Teak Bed
Kiln dried teak wood with brass hardware. Our Salawin teak beds comes in king, queen or single si..
BE-52-K Salawin Flat Bed
Teak flat bed comes in king,queen and single sizes. Furniture for Phuket by Zee Zee Interior ..
BT-010-2D Salawin Bedside Table
Teak wood bedside table, 2 drawers Made for easy villa living. Sanded teak wood or r..
BT-06 NAN Bedside Table
Salawin teak wood bedside table, 1 or 2 drawers Made for villa and home of Phuket,Thailand. ..
CA- 24 Boutique Store Shelf
Retails shop fixture, teak wood ..
CA-13 Boat Wood Storage Lockers
Five locker with brass handles. Available in multi color recycle boat wood. ..
CA-21 Salawin Lean to Shelf
Our teak shelves and lean to racks are knockdown. Natural teak finish with brass screws for ..
CA-4 Salawin Teak Cube Shelf
Salawin cube shelf are made to order. Phuket Furniture by Zee Zee Interior   ..
DC-500 Salawin Leather Chair
Our teak and leather dinning chairs are comfortable and usable. Leather color : Black, white, bro..
DC-526 Maya Arm Chair
Teak frame with cow hide or fabric seat and back rest. Optional colors available. ..
DC-533 Salawin Teak Dining Chair
Hand made from recycled teak. Smoooth natural teak or rustic erosion finish.   ..
DC-536 Salawin Leather Dining Chair
Our Salawin teak wood dining chair is fine finished in a leather seat and backrest. Lea..
DC-543 Salawin Arm Chair
Teak and leather dining arm chair. Furniture for Phuket by Zee Zee Interior. ..
DC-544 Salawin Teak Dining Arm Chair
Crafted by hand in solid teak wood for comfy dining setting. Sanded smmoth or erosion teak finish..
DCT-094-Wooden Bird of Paradise
Hand carved and painted for Zee Zee Interior  ..
DCT-095 Wood Egret Bird
Hand carved and painted for Zee zee Interior Furniture Store ..
DCT-91 Wooden Rooster
Hand carved from wood and hand painted. White wash, browns, blues or pastel pinks. ..
LB-10 Ceramic Lantern with Handle
LB-11 Ceramic Lantern with Handle
Ceramic candle lantern with rattan handle ..
LBJ-07 Turtle Mozy Coil Holder
Turtle Mozzie Coil Holder. Terracotta material, hand painted. Red, white, brown antique or mus..
Ex Tax: 590.00฿
LP-58 Dew Drop Rattan Light
Our rattan dew drop hanging lighting is sold with out electric fitting. Small 40x40cm, Medium 50x..
LP-58 Shaggy rattan Hanging Light
Ideal for restaurants, mood lightng. ..
LP-68 Rattan Swirl Light
Hanging rattan swirl light. ..
MF-71 Seine Mirror
Hand carved by men and fine finished by women. Color Options: Silver or gold cracked, Antiq..
MF-90 Mirror Frame
Crafted mirror frame, for Phuket Island, Zee Zee Interior Size : 120 x 80cm. Color Options:..
MF-92 Prada Mirror
NC-Abaca-Plaited Weave
Abaca standard plaited weave by Zee Zee Interior Thailand. Available in Saraha Brown or Egypt Cre..
P-SB-10 Pattani Teak Sunbed
The teak wood Pattani sunbed with Sunbrella fabric cushions. Fabric color selection to suite..
P-ST- 10 Pattani Teak Side Table
 Teak Side Table, outdoor furniture. ..
R-13 Angsana Chair
.Hand made rattan Angsana chair. Supplied with foam cushion, fabric blue aqua or beige as sh..
R-17 Tapee Lounger Chair.
Hand made Tapee cane lounger chair, comes with a foot stool and option side table. Fabric ca..
R-24 Phuket Peacock Chair.
Handcrafted rattan Peacock chairs, made for Phuket Island style furniture Collection. ..
Ex Tax: 19,000.00฿
R-34-Island Style Dining Chair
Hand crafted Island style chair.. Woven rattan and crafted cane. Available in natural, black, ..
R-36 Rattan Chair
Ex Tax: 11,500.00฿
R-37 Rattan Chair Round
Hand made rattan chair with cushion ..
Ex Tax: 9,500.00฿
R-38 Comfy Rattan Chair
Hand made rattan chair for restaurant dining. ..
Ex Tax: 9,500.00฿
R-39 Rattan Chair
Handcrafted rattan chair with cushions. Made for restaurants and hotels ..
Ex Tax: 11,500.00฿
R-41 Rattan Living Room Chair
Crafted rattan dining and living room chair. Supplied with cushions. ..
Ex Tax: 11,500.00฿
R-42 Rattan Rocking Chair Thailand
Handcrafted rocking chair with cushion. ..
Ex Tax: 12,000.00฿
TT-55 Meat Shank Board
Teak wood meat board with profile edge. Ideal for serving meat cutlets and lamb shanks on ..
Ex Tax: 690.00฿
TT-63 Sushi,Wasabi,Chopstick Board
Teak Sushi board in beeswax finish. ..
Ex Tax: 550.00฿
WP-01 Boat Wood Wall Art
Our unique wall art is made from solid recycled wood from old boat. Standard Size: 200 x 100cm or..
LP-59 Rain Drop Rattan Light
Living room or dinng room hanging light. Available in black or nat rattan color. ..
MF-72 Star Fruit Mirror
Hand carved by men and fine finished by tropical women. Color Options: Silver/white or gold ..
NC-Pandan Round Rugs
Hand woven rugs made from Pandan. Standard rug  1.5m or 2m Dia.      ..
A-14 Lava Welcome Tray
Room welcome tray for resort hospitality amenities use. Durable terrazzo lava stone moulded with&..
Ex Tax: 5,900.00฿
GB-523 Rounded Ashtray
Finishing: Antique color brass Cover is removable ..
Ex Tax: 1,250.00฿
LBJ-05 Mosquito Coil Holder Round
Terracotta Mosquito Coil Holder Round Available is rustic yellow, white antique or red Free Bo..
Ex Tax: 590.00฿
LP-60 Mushroom Rattan Lighting
Our rattan mushroom hanging lighting is sold without electric fitting. Small -30x40cm/ Medium-40x..
NC-Abaca Double Plaited Weave.
  Color: Savanna, Sahara brown and Egypt cream. Max size: 4m x Length 10m. Weave..
LP-57 Loft Bedside Lighting
Creative loft bedroom lighting made from terracotta lamp base and hemp fabric shade. Volt 220. ..
TT-15 Teak Nut Server Bowl
TableTop teardrop shaped nut server dish. ..
Ex Tax: 700.00฿
DCT-92 Wooden Mask
Handcarved from wood and painted. ..
LP-56 Phraya Floor Lamp
Our Phraya lamps are handmade. Cast molded base and fine finished cotton fabric lamp shades...
LP-62 Standing Lighting
Console table or living room mood lighting. ..
Ex Tax: 7,500.00฿
LP-63 Bottle Bedside Lamp
Mood lighting for bedrooms and relaxing settings. Antique green or white painted base. ..
Ex Tax: 2,500.00฿
OTT-500 Salawin Ottoman
Square cow leather ottaman, flush base. Option leather: Zebra motive, black cow hide, brown ..
Palm Pot 03
Application : Palm planter pot. Material : White stone, black slate or terracotta stone. ..
HL-38 Rattan Condiment Holder
Function  :   Condiment holder, Sauce holder, ideal for restaurant and hotels. ..
LP-61 Standing Floor Lamp
living and dining room floor lamp. Cast fiber base with cotton lamp shade. ..
Ex Tax: 14,500.00฿
Massage Hot Rocks
Our hot massage rocks are hand selected from river banks in SE Asia. Thailand: Charge 100 ..
Ex Tax: 70.00฿
TT-18 Wood Meat Chopper Block
BBQ Meat chopper Block. ..
Ex Tax: 555.00฿
TT-19 Fish Fillet Cutting Board
LP-69 Living Area Lamp
Living and dining room lighting. Ceramic cast base and natural fabric shade. ..
MF-81 Standing Mirror
Full body size mirror and stand. Hand made frame and stand, painted by tropical women. &n..
LP-70 Sofa Light
Sofa area lighting, relaxing and trendy. Ceramic base in white, mustard, blue or ant green ..
MF-53 Ping Mirror
Hand carved by men and fine finished by women.   Color Options: Silver or gold crack..
POT-27 Estate Pot
Estate pot for indoor use, entrance ways and patio's. Case fiber cement pot, light weight and pra..
POT-28 Round Belly
Villa living room decor pot. Anti green, white wash. ..
MF-501 Salawin Mirror
Villa Entrance way mirror - Teak wood - A grade Thai Mirror 6mm.   ..
POT-30 Decor Pot
Living room, dinning room or patio area pot. ..
TT-29 Teak Salad Bowl Server
MF-57 Salawin Teak Mirror Frame
Recycled Teak Mirror Frame, Phuket Furniture by Zee Zee Interior. Thai Mirror 6mm. ..
HL-61 Rectangle Room Delivery Laundry basket
Woven rattan laundry basket with lid. Available natural rattan, Grey weave, nat & white ..
POT-27 Tall V
Living room and patio use. Cast cement fiber material, light weight and practical. ..
TT-32 Salad Serving Bowl
TableTop handcarved salad serving bowl. ..
Ex Tax: 650.00฿
LP-51 Tri Floor Lamp
Handcrafted teak Tri Floor lamp. ..
TT-17 Steak Server Tray
Teak wood steak server tray with 3 sauce taster holes. Wholesale price on request for hotels. ..
Ex Tax: 590.00฿
BAST-533 Salawin Bar Stool
Our Salawin bar stool is made from teak and leather. Option leather is white, black, brown or tea..
POT-26 Villa Entrance Way Pot
Villa and home entrace way pot ..
TT-16 Teak Cheese Board
Cheese and olive teak server board ..
Ex Tax: 690.00฿
LA-17-Dining Table Lantern
Brass and glass candle lantern. For use on dining or coffee table setting. Finishing &nbs..
Ex Tax: 1,550.00฿
TT-61 Korean Meat Board
TT-60 Cheese Board with Handle
Teak cheese and salami board with handle. ..
Ex Tax: 490.00฿
CA-03 Ping Console Table
Teak wood, brass hardware, two drawer and straight legs. Natural smooth teak finish or rustic ero..
Garden Lighting
Villa and home garden lighting. Avaialble in small or large size ..
TT-50 Teak Salami Cutting Board
hand crafted teak salami cutting board. ..
Ex Tax: 690.00฿
TT-21 Wood BBQ Butcher Block
BBQ meat butcher wood block.  ..
Ex Tax: 750.00฿
TT-14 Teak Pizza Tray with Handle
Pizza serving tray with handle comes in two sizes 25&30cm diameter. Wholesale price on reques..
Ex Tax: 790.00฿
TT-BBQ-01 BBQ Trolley
Food and drinks trolley, ideal for BBQ and patio use. Available in sanded teak or sadolin wood se..
Ex Tax: 14,500.00฿
TT-BBQ-02 BBQ Trolley
Food and drinks trolley for outdoor BBQ venues. Folding table leaves, brass hardware  and pr..
Ex Tax: 19,500.00฿